I'm Crystal.

When faced with the decision to give up a full-time job to work part-time and be a stay-at-home Mom the other days, my husband said, "Why don't you do photography? You have always loved it and you have the personality for it." So here I am, starting to make something out of my passion of capturing fun moments and giving people pictures to look back on for years to come. I have so much fun taking photos and it brings me such joy. When I'm not doing my own weddings or sessions, I'm second shooting for some awesome friends and fellow photographers. I found a need to be behind the camera capturing moments literally, whenever I can.

My friends and family will tell you, before I got myself a fancy camera and lens that I was always taking hundreds of pictures with my iPhone, anytime we were out. There was always someone saying, "I don't want my picture taken", but at the end of the day, they always asked to see the pictures I took so they could post on social media. Even years later, those "silly" photos end up meaning so much more than we thought they would. When you know people like to look at pictures of themselves to feel good or to bring back memories of a special someone, you know you have to capture all the little moments, even when you're out for the day having fun. I've always known photography was something I needed to do, I just had to get to the point of "wanting" to do it, and with a little motivation (from my husband), here I am. And I can't wait to show you what I am capable of!

I want to provide the most comfortable experience for first time clients and give returning clients peace of mind knowing that they will enjoy every minute of having fun when they book their next session with me. I will strive to make 30 minutes, an hour, or your whole wedding day, the most fun, exciting and stress free thing you have to look forward to. I have so many first time clients tell me how nervous they are before we start but by the time they are done, they tell me how fun it was and how it was nothing like they expected! I want you to know if you hire me, you are in good hands! I may even sing baby shark to get your kids to look at me (or just sing songs in general LOL) or teach your wedding guests how to do the electric slide when the DJ puts it on. I want to send you an online gallery of pictures that make you smile and say "Look how awesome these pictures are, I'm so glad I had Crystal there," or "I can't wait to do this again." I am here for you. And I will make it known that the time you booked with me was well worth it! You don't know how much excitement it brings me that you want ME to shoot your children photos, family photos and especially your wedding! You will never truly know how incredible that makes me feel! So thank you if you read it this far and think I'm the right fit for you! :)

More about Me.

I am a wife to a great husband, Eric, and a mama to a little girl, Maya! Fun Fact: my daughter and I have the SAME birthday, July 2! I have two huskies, (I know, I'm crazy but clearly I can handle madness) Maui and Kona, who are my world! I love to work, travel, be with my family & friends, go out on the boat, sing karaoke, dance, be outside and hang out with my dogs. I am definitely the outgoing one in the group. You can ask anyone, I'm known for never being in a bad mood. I want to find the fun in everything I do, and if it's not fun, I'll make it. I enjoy talking, a lot. I'm addicted to ice cream- Mint chocolate chip with Reese's peanut butter cups on the top AND bottom is my staple. There's a lot of interesting things about me and lots of things I can talk about. Book your wedding or a session with me and we might become best friends! ;)

Photo Credit to Ted Felsberg for taking these great photos of me! :)